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Maritec: Launching of New Service Testing Regime & Packages

Bunker is one of the biggest operational costs apart from crew wages. With the implementation of IMO2020 sulphur regulation of 0.50%, the global fuel quality varies significantly and sourcing the right fuel is a challenge. Off specs or contaminated fuel can adversely affect engine performance and cause serious damages that could jeopardize the safety onboard.

Ships face challenges today to prove the cause of operational problems are due to inferior fuel quality often the regular testing regime is unable to detect it and the fuel meets the ISO8217 specifications. 

Maritec Enhanced Analysis Package (MEAP); an upgraded testing regime from your regular ISO8217 analysis offers extra protection on the common operational problems by including the technical considerations of Deleterious Materials and Stability properties:

a)         Deleterious Materials

  • GCMS Headspace Screening 

b)         Stability properties

  • P-Value
  • Asphaltenes
  • Total Sediment Existent          

MEAP compliments to the standard ISO8217 testing regime which provides a wider fundamental assessment of the fuel qualities and is available to all our testing members who can have the option to upgrade or provides instructions to apply MEAP for any specific bunker or vessels.

In addition to our Enhanced Analysis Packages, Maritec goes further to extend additional 3 Operational Assurance Analysis Packages:

1)         Compatibility Package

No Supplier can guarantee the compatibility between different fuels and the risk of the incompatibility has to be properly taken care and managed (e.g. changeover).

Maritec Compatibility Package mitigate the risk by determine the compatibility of the ROB and new bunker of 3 blending ratios (10:90, 50:50, 90:10) with Total Sediment Potential (TSP) Test as recommended by in CIMAC WG 07.

2)         Stability Package

Fuel with low stability exhibit a higher potential for asphaltenes to precipitate and lead to formation of sludge overtime causing various operational problems.

Maritec Stability Package evaluate the natures of sediment by Total Sediment Accelerate (TSA), Existent (TSE) and Potential (TSP) with further examination on the P-value and Asphaltenes content which provides essential consideration for safe handling, use and storage on-board.   

3)         Comprehensive Bunker Forensic Analysis Package

In an unfortunate event when the fundamental analysis has met the specifications and yet experiencing machinery damages; intensive investigation will be required to determine the exact causes. Such investigation is usually time-consuming and costly due to the extensive works and scopes involved.

Maritec Comprehensive Bunker Forensic Analysis Package offers to assist our members to manage the cost more efficiently.  With just one single cost, our member will be supported by our dedicated and experienced expert to review the case and our entire ranges of advanced analytical techniques, instrumentation and methodologies to identify the cause(s).

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