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Maritec Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999 as a marine fuel and providing expert technical and operational advice for use of the fuels onboard ship to a portfolio of international shipping companies.

In June 2020, Maritec was acquired by Centre Testing International Group (CTI Group). The Marine Services Division of CTI Group has been fully integrated with Maritec. As the result of the acquisition and integration, Leverage on the resources and strength of CTI Group, new Maritec is able to provide comprehensive inspection, testing, certification and consultancy services for the assurance of Marine fuel quality and environmental regulatory compliance. 

Leverage on the resources and strength of CTI Group, Maritec’s operation team consists of hundreds of professionals in the fields of Marine Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Environment Specialist, Mechanical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Legal Specialist and Information Technology Specialist to deliver first-class services to the marine customer.


Our Marine Services offered by our subsidiary:

  • Centre Testing International Pinbiao (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. 上海华测品标检测技术有限公司
  • MARITEC (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. 脉睿(上海)检测技术有限公司

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