Responsible Ship Recycling Supervision

CTI’s Recycling Supervision Team Members have considerable experience and familiarity with recycling processes practised by recycling facilities in most major recycling locations.

CTI can therefore help an Owner short list, or select a recycling facility, based on any special requirement the Owner may have.

Furthermore, CTI also performs in-depth audits of recycling facilities, using comprehensive and constantly updated checklists, to determine the facility’s ability to comply with recycling regulations in force and more importantly, an owner’s specific Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) standards. And to advise and assist facilities take corrective and preventive actions in response to any audit findings.

CTI is fully certified by most IACS members to conduct pre-recycling “Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)” -Part II and III- on ships bound for recycling; it is assumed that ships would already have an IHM Part I, but if not, CTI has vast experience in performing Part I as well.

On-site Supervision - CTI’s recycling supervisory teams are well trained and experienced. On-site supervisors attend ships being recycled daily and liaise closely with the facility’s staff to ensure efficient, safe and environmentally sound operations and also care of the work-force. The Owner is kept regularly advised on progress of recycling, of any incidents of note within the facility and/or adjacent to it and any fresh requirements by authorities or by new regulations as applicable. This is generally done through detailed and illustrated weekly reports. Serious incidents are reported immediately.

CTI is presently engaged in providing recycling supervision services at two locations and will be pleased to provide more information or answer any questions that prospective Clients may have.

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