Asbestos Removal & Management

Compliance Regulation Requirements

Due to regular findings of asbestos on recently constructed vessels, International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Safely of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention now states that all ships built after June 2002 require an official asbestos-free compliance statement.  This certification can only be achieved by having an asbestos survey performed by marine specialists with the required technical knowledge of ship construction.

Vessels must be vigilant due to Port State inspections which are on the increase. The discovery of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) on board - deemed to be a violation of regulations adhered to by the Flag State - require the ACM to be removed within 3 years following the issue of a non-extendable exemption certificate. This violation could easily compromise a charter agreement, as well as result in significant financial damages and lost revenue for the shipping company in question.

Some Flag States, including the UK, Netherlands, and Australia, require an independent inspection including the assessment of asbestos for the importation/arrival of vessels. The ship owner must provide an asbestos inspection report and certificate issued by the accredited inspection body.


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What we do

CTI's asbestos abatement consultants can assist you in the procurement and management of asbestos remediation and removal projects. Asbestos removal projects to be both costly and time-consuming, so it is becoming increasingly important to procure asbestos removal services using a project plan which has been devised by a specialist consultant.

We can help you evaluate bids as well as compile a tender review summary with carefully considered recommendations put forward about the bids received. Asbestos removal management and contractor auditing can also be undertaken as part of a turnkey solution alongside our asbestos fibre air monitoring service.

We have developed our marine asbestos health and safety risk evaluation approach according to IMO standards, which is also accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), to ensure the evaluation results are fully compliant with IMO requirements. For any high-risk ACMs, CTI can provide consultation services to help our clients mitigate risks as well as project manageasbestos removal in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

CTI Company Accreditation

We are proud to be accredited by the following bodies for our asbestos removal project certification services:

  • The first and only UKAS accredited inspection body in the world to perform asbestos surveys on ships
  • The first foreign marine asbestos survey body recognized by Australian Maritime Safety Administration (AMSA)
  • The first foreign marine asbestos survey body recognized by Netherlands Ship Inspectorate (NSI)
  • The first IHM investigation body approved by LR, DNV GL in Asia-pacific area

Typical Schedule

SHIP REPAIR/CONVERSION STAGES More detailed survey 15 days before yard Asbestos register for removal
BEFORE REPAIR/CONVERSION Consult for removal working scope and specification   Asbestos removal plan
DURING REPAIR/CONVERSION Project management and supervision Whole removal process Onsite monitoring and supervision
AFTER REPAIR/CONVERSION Asbestos clearance survey   Asbestos Clearance Hygiene Safety Certificate

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