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VIMS built by CTI was already up and running

Jul 11, 2016 4:23:00 PM

VIMS was already up and running on 11th July 11, 2016

Vessel Inventory Management System (VIMS): A software system developed and maintained by CTI to provide real time web access to shipyard/ equipment supplier, ship owner, expert party, Ship Recycling Facilities and 3rd party to calculating, monitoring, reporting, verification and management of inventory of hazardous material and greenhouse gas emission for life cycle of the vessel (from new building to recycling).

VIMS has the following features:

Web server: hosting in HONGKONG, ALIBABA supplied cloud computing services

Software version: Cloud online, standalone(GHG)

Operation Unit: data sets to be established and maintained for each individual vessel with a unique user name and password

Accessibility: 24 hours, global access to carry out the following tasks:

  • batch import the MD&SDoC documents, send the links to supplier to import MD&SDoC, or import one by one on the system
  • management of inventory of hazardous material for life cycle of the vessel
  • real-time generating new inventories/ GHG report, and export the whole data for the ship
  • Auto warning the HazMat condition based on the big data built by CTI
  • compilation and analysis,     
  • managing inventories and costs analysis for waste treatment or carbon trading at fleet/ company level,
  • etc.


How does VIMS work? The following table describes the responsibilities and functions of the users:

Users/ Organizations

Inventories of Hazardous Material (IHM)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

System Developer (CTI)

  • Software and hardware development and maintenance
  • Up-date regulations and implement the up-dates to VIMS, including methodologies and algorithms. (The existing inventory shall be up-dated automatically )  

Same as IHM

(The Emissions report shall be generated by system automatically)

System Administrator


  • Over all administration of various users
  • Customer support services
  • Carry out statistic, trend and risk  analysis to improve the efficiency of hazardous material management

Same as IHM

Expert Party

  • Prepare and up load IHM of vessel
  • Carry out necessary investigation and test and up load relevant documents (VSCP/VSCR, test report, asbestos register, etc.)
  • Prepare and up load  hazardous material management program of the vessel  

Not applicable

(As a customer of VIMS, the initial emission inventory shall be established by CTI)

Vessel Administrator

  • Up-date IHM continuously
  • Up load International Certificate of the vessel
  • Up load Ready for Recycling Certificate 
  • Record the records of implementation of hazardous material management program
  • Verify MD and SDoC in accordance hazardous material management program
  • Provide access to external party for verification
  • Up load external party verification records
  • Prepare and up load monitoring plan,
  • Submit monitoring plan via web to verifier for approval,
  • Use existing menu of VIMS to input fuel consumption data
  • Implement and register    calibration and maintenance records of fuel measurement
  • Use existing menu of VIMS to generate various types of emission reports

Fleet or Company Administrator

  • Company level IHM
  • Over all users of fleet (Vessel Administrator)
  • Liability assessment and planning
  • Estimation of costs for disposal of hazardous material 
  • Life cycle management of hazardous material from design to recycling to demonstrate due diligence
  • Company level greenhouse gas emission report
  • Liability assessment and planning
  • Estimation of costs or benefit of carbon trading scheme.
  • Life cycle management of Greenhouse gas emission

Equipment Supplier

  • Prepare and upload MD, SDoC and relevant documents in accordance with customer’s hazardous material management program
  • Provide and up load greenhouse gas emission factors of the supplied equipment.

Ship Yard

  • collect and upload IHM, MD, SDoC and relevant documents in accordance with customer’s hazardous material management program (engage expert party if necessary)

Not applicable

Greenhouse gas emission verifier

Not applicable

  • approval of monitoring plan based on web submission,
  • carry out verification and generate verification report
  • issue and up load compliance statement  

Recycle Facility

  • access IHM and prepare recycling plan
  • estimate the costs of disposal of hazardous material
  • register and up load the disposal records

Not applicable

Insurance Company

  • Access the up-dated inventory data to estimate the liability of the vessel (under authorization of the vessel owner)

Not applicable

Port State Control Officer (PSCO)

  • Access IHM and supporting documents to carry out inspection
  • Access greenhouse gas emission reports  and supporting documents to carry out inspection

Recognized Organization

  • Access and verify IHM and other

Not applicable

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