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Ships and marine structures such as oil rigs eventually reach a stage where they are uneconomical to operate due to age and increasing cost and difficulty of maintenance.

Generally, an owner is then left with no choice but to recycle the ship or structure.

However, the complex and ever-increasing regulations governing proper and responsible ship recycling require that the owner make a detailed and complex study in order to choose the correct recycling yard, recycling methods and oversight of the process to ensure compliance with all requirements..

In other words, the Owner needs to ensure that the vessel is recycled in a proper and approved site and that hazardous materials onboard are identified and safely removed that workers engaged in recycling do so safely and that the environment is not damaged in any way.

Fulfilling such a responsibility is not an easy task, but CTI can assist the Owner to: 

  • Audit and select a suitable yard.
  • Interact with workers, HSE & Environmental Departments
  • Closely monitor the day to day recycling activities for compliance with regulations or other requirements of the approved vessel recycling plan.
  • Give well-structured and detailed weekly reports to the Owner.
  • Advise the yard management of any safety or environmental infringements observed and demand corrective action.
  • Check that wastes are properly disposed of.
  • Ensure the Owner’s interests are always protected

The CTI group is among the world’s top 20 Testing, Inspection and Certification Companies.

CTl's marine department consists of specialists of various backgrounds:

  • Former Senior class surveyors,
  • Flag State Officers
  • Former Vessel Managers,
  • Captain and Chief Engineers from reputable Ship Owning and Ship Management Companies

Persons with extensive experience in ship recycling supervision, All technical team members are trained and qualified upon standards from IMO, EU, UK HSE and US EPA regarding hazardous materials survey and testing of materials to be removed prior recycling.

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