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IHM Preparation– Do Your Choice

Oct 9, 2019 4:46:00 PM

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EU Ship Recycling Regulation was adopted on 2013 and the deadline for existing ships’ compliance set in 31st December 2020 is already knocking to our doors. But how many of you are already prepared by choosing the expert company who will take over this complicated and unprecedented task?

Our statistics say that approximately30%-40%of the affected fleet is already in compliance while less than 60% of the ship Owners and ship Managers operating affected vessels had secured their fleets to an expert company. Considering the increasing demand for IHM services which is expected for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2020, it’s vital that the vendor of your choice fulfills all requirements and can certainly deliver a not only sound evidenced report, but also on a timely manner.

EMSA guidelines include clear instructions and requirements both for IHM preparation body and laboratories and those should be taken under serious consideration for a with ease compliance.

So, what are they key points for a correct choice?

  • Expert’s certification: It’s clear that an expert company holding several approvals and certificates from different ROs, is more likely to deliver a very comprehensive report which apart from EU 1257/2013 requirements will also cover Class specific requirements. In view of HKC 2009 ratification expected in the following years, and given that after ratification IHM will be part of ship’s notation, it’s important that the initial IHM report is prepared by a well established and recognized vendor by all Societies, therefore no need for re-inspection will be necessary.
  • Laboratory’s Accreditation/Performance: EU SRR requires laboratories analyzing the samples for IHM preparation to have ISO17025 accreditation. Unfortunately, the number of accredited laboratories worldwide which can analyze all 15 Hazardous Materials is very limited and is not expected to be increased due to very high investment cost. With the demand being logarithmically increased, it’s important that your vendor of choice has in house labs or at least had established his cooperation with an accredited/certified laboratory.
  • Worldwide presence: With attendance logistic costs being up to 30%of the total IHM compliance cost, it’s important that your vendor is present in several key ports worldwide and can serve you with relatively short notice, minimum deployment cost and trouble-free attendances with local authorities.

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