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Hazardous materials - The other 2020 regulation

Jul 17, 2019 11:49:00 AM

Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly a focus in shipping company boardrooms. Despite that, the European Union Ship Recycling Regulations (EUSRR) have largely gone under the radar; until recently that is. 

The EUSRR dictates that new EU-flagged vessels (contracted after 31 December 2018), of 500 GT and over, are required to carry an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). Existing EU-flagged vessels as well as vessels with non-EU flags when calling at EU ports, will also be required to carry an IHM identifying all the hazardous materials on board along with a Certificate/Statement of Compliance, by 31 December 2020 the latest. EU-flagged vessels must, in addition, be scrapped in an approved ship-recycling facility. The investment these regulations will necessitate of the industry is estimated to be in the region of $340m by the end of 2020; much less of a burden than that of the ballast water or 2020 sulphur regulations.

Obtaining an IHM SoC necessitates a hazardous materials expert company audit the vessel and take around 100 samples based on the vessel specific Visual Sampling Check Plan (VSCP). This is to ensure that the sampling accurately reflects the potential hazardous material present onboard the ship.

The Netherlands has, along with Australia, the most stringent regulations when it comes to asbestos and hazardous materials. The Dutch Port State Control (PSC) has already found several vessels in non-compliance through spot sampling and rapid analysis while the vessel was still in port.

It therefore is very important that the vessel’s IHM is carried out by a expert company that has the credentials to stand behind their work. This is particularly important, as there are many operators with limited credentials and no internal laboratory facilities.

Centre Testing International (CTI) is at the very top of the IHM providers and the only one that has an in-house lab that is accredited for all the I5 elements required by the EUSRR. As one would expect from service providers, CTI has virtually all the Class approvals for IHM, as well as accreditation for its labs and all relevant ISO certifications. CTI is also accredited by the governments of The Netherlands and Australia for work related to asbestos.

It should therefore be no surprise that CTI has some successfully through several rounds of open eliminations to be a provider of choice by major companies such as Maersk Line, CMA CGM and Maersk Tankers.

CTl's Western Europe hub is in The Netherlands. Clients' global needs are amply served through CTI resources in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and the USA.


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