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Germany Accedes to Hong Kong Convention

Aug 8, 2019 10:24:00 AM

Germany is the latest State Party of IMO's treaty for safe and environmentally-sound ship recycling – the Hong Kong Convention. Mr. Reinhard Klingen, Director-General Waterways and Shipping in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany, met IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim at IMO Headquarters, London to deposit the instrument of accession on 16 July 2019.

The Hong Kong Convention has welcomed 13 members up to now as the accession of Germany. According to IMO, the 13 States Party to the convention now represents 29.42 percent of world merchant shipping tonnage. The Convention requires 15 States or more, at least 40 percent of world merchant shipping by gross tonnage, whose recycling facilities combined maximum annual ship recycling volume during the preceding 10 years, is at least 3% of the gross tonnage of the contracting States.

The Hong Kong Convention covers the design, construction, operation and maintenance of ships, and preparation for ship recycling in order to facilitate safe and environmentally sound recycling, without compromising the safety and operational efficiency of ships.

Under the treaty, new ships and existing ships are required to carry on board an Inventory of Hazardous Materials, which should also be properly maintained and updated throughout the operational life of the ship. Ship Recycling Facility(ies) with valid Document of Authorization to conduct Ship Recycling (DASR) are required to provide a detailed "Ship Recycling Plan"( SRP), depending on its particulars and its inventory.

Momentum is growing up towards the ratification and implementation of the Hong Kong Convention. It is reported that India is making progress and is possible to deliver their instruments of accession within 2019. IMO Seminar on Ship Recycling and the Hong Kong Convention was successfully hosted by China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) in Zhoushan, China (23-25 July). If India and China were to accede to the Convention, the Convention would enter into force.


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