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CTI Marine Services Hits the "IHM Seminar" in HK

Dec 11, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Recently, a seminar for “Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Preparation for Newbuilding and Existing Ships Comply with HKC & EU SRR” has been held successfully in Hong Kong, which was jointly organized by CTI Marine Services and The Hong Kong Shipowners Association Ltd.

There are over 20 companies being invited in this grand meeting, including American Bureau of Shipping (HK) Ltd, Lloyd’s Register Asia, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd, China LNG Shipping (Int’l) Co Ltd, Macquarie Bank, Goldbeam International Limited, Fareast Shipmanagement HKG Ltd, etc.

The following topics were analyzed and discussed in the seminar:

1. The difference between HK Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulation

2. How to prepare and maintain IHM part I to comply with HK Convention or EU Ship Recycling Regulation for shipowners/managers?

3. Example locations with hazardous materials and what are the ways to deal with which found on a vessel?

4. How Class Society will review IHM part I and issue SOC?

5. CTI Marine Services’ projection to IHM services in the next few years

Mr John Ren Di, the General Manager of CTI Marine Services, shared detailed understanding to HK Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulation and paid high attention to the effects to ship industry aroused by EU Ship Recycling Regulation. John also explained the advantage and procedures of early IHM preparation and formulation. Besides, combined with the rich investigation experience and big data of CTI in the past, John gave a comprehensive analysis of the discovery of ship HAZMAT.

Finally, John explained the compliance cost and legal risk from the points of newbuilding shipyards, ship owners and ship recycling facilities involved in IHM's work and provided series of compliance advices.

ABS expressed their glad to be invited to participate in this seminar and covered engineering review and survey of IHM from class perspective. ABS also made reports on reviewing and verifying the initial IHM and SOC, SOVC issuing for new builds and existing vessels.

The experts and scholars at the seminar made an in-depth discussion and exchange on the contents of the IHM. The successful holding of this seminar is conducive to better understanding the content of the convention and regulations and making the best response to the latest policies.

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