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CTI-Maritec Congratulates Clients on ISCC Certification

As on 30 May 2024

It is with great pleasure we extend our congratulations to the Management and Sustainability Department of Global VE Trading and SA Europe Maritime on becoming the first two ISCC EU certified Floating Logistic Centre in the Southeast Asia region. This achievement not only highlights their commitment to sustainable practices but also sets a benchmark for excellence within the maritime industry.

Achieving ISCC EU certification requires significant effort, and it reflects the unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. This pioneering accomplishment will undoubtedly inspire others within the industry to strive for similar excellence and adherence to sustainable operations. CTI-Maritec was happy to offer ISCC EU implementation consultancy prior to certification audit by ISCC Certifying Body, CTI Certification (CN198).

The ISCC EU (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a robust certification system that plays a significant role in promoting sustainability across various sectors, including bioenergy, agriculture, and increasingly, non-bio-based energy. It contributes to sustainability in several keyways. It validates that sustainably sourced feedstocks are utilized, confirming emissions data from the fuel production process, and establishing a thorough system for data and records management. This ensures complete traceability and transparency, among other stipulated requirements.

Being ISCC certified allows collaboration with other ISCC certified stakeholders within the supply chain to uphold the sustainability standards and preserving the recognition of the fuel. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that the continued leadership in these 2 companies will have on our industry and the environment.

Congratulations once again on setting a ground-breaking precedent!

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