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Dec 31, 2019 4:09:00 PM

Centre Testing International Pinbiao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CTI) have successfully completed an asbestos insulation removal project for heating pipes in underground tunnel in Beijing in August 2019. CTI conducted the asbestos removal in accordance with the industrial best practice which takes the reference of UK legislations and asbestos clearance guide procedure.

Through the close cooperation between client and CTI, this project achieved a win-win result. From the recently customer satisfaction survey, the client Project Manager highly appreciated the CTI’s performance -- “The contractor, CTI were extremely professional from the start and were the ideal choice in this regard.” Client National HSE Manager, also highlighted that “Dear CTI team, thank you very much for your professional performance, we achieved this project. Hope to work with your team again in the future.”

Due to the potential for spiraling costs and programme over run it is becoming increasingly more important to procure asbestos removal services using a specification written by a specialist consultant. In additional, you may encounter queries and even difficulties about the procurement and management of asbestos remediation and removal projects, be anxious about the potential risk, preparation and project execution. Nevertheless, as a leading marine industry service provider, CTI can provide asbestos removal services as below with an efficient and cost effective approach:

  • Asbestos survey in line with UK or US legislation
  • Asbestos testing by UK, US, AS, ISO standard
  • Asbestos fibre Air monitoring before/during/after removal
  • Asbestos removal design, preparation, removal management, certification
  • Asbestos risk analysis and other consultant services for client


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