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CTI Speaks on IMO Ship Green Recycling Seminar

Jul 26, 2019 4:41:00 PM

To further pave the way onwards to the fully enter into force of the Hong Kong Convention, IMO has conducted Ship Recycling Seminar for China and Bangladesh in the week of 22nd July. 

During 3 days close door meeting, representatives from the ship owner, the ship recycler, the government authorities and the expertise consultants were invited to share their experiences on the way to fully comply to the Hong Kong Convention. Several gaps between the ship recyclers and the ship owners, the international convention and the national law were identified and discussed. The meeting even tried to touch up the various business senarios may caused by the Hong Kong Convention and hence the economic influence is rougly estimated to the best knowledge of the participants.

CTI was invited as the IHM and Green Ship Recycling Expert to share the knowledge and experience with the meeting. The presentation given by CTI General Manager, John Ren, Representative of Ship Recycling Subject for Singapore Shipowner Association, received very much interest from the floor.  

CTI group is international Testing, Inspection and Consultancy company ( public listed with 10,000 employees worldwide. Its marine division , CTI - POLY, is the world leading marine IHM and Green Recycling Expert company specializing in :

  • IHM inspection and preparation
  • EU SRR IHM lab testing
  • Green Ship Recyling Consultant
  • Green Ship Recycling Project Supervision

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