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CTI POLY presented on Asbestos Control in the Lifecycle of IHM Management at ABS Singapore Seminar

Mar 7, 2019 3:27:00 PM

Singapore – 06th March 2019, CTI Marine Services (Singapore Office) was invited during “ABS Singapore Seminar: Regulatory Update” to introduce & present briefly On Asbestos Control in the Lifecycle of IHM Management.

Key note speakers included officials from Class ABS, Mr. Philippe from ADERCO, Mr. Clement Chang from METIZOFT, Mr. John Ren Di, General manager of CTI Marine Services.

As part of brief presentation by CTI, below details were presented to the audience

  • CTI shared the in-house database on HazMat findings including Asbestos as per Surveys carried out
  • Further the regulatory aspects on Asbestos control and management was discussed with the audience
  • Also, the likelihood of Asbestos presence on valuation of marine asset and the reasons for occurrence of Asbestos were discussed
  • Presentation was summed up by suggesting series of measures & control that can be undertaken by shipowners for hazmat control including Asbestos during the lifetime of vesse

An interactive Q & A session with the participants provided CTI the platform to further explain the details about Asbestos removal project management, methods to control Asbestos at various life stages of vessel from New Building- Operational vessel- Recycling stage

CTI thanked ABS for conducting the seminar and providing the opportunity to share the knowledge & expertise it has gained over the years as a true marine occupational safety and environmental specialist with the esteemed audience.

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