Marine Survey Services

Maritec full range of marine surveying services include:

Marine Vessel Surveys
On / Off Hire of Vessel
(Hull condition, Cargo hold, Statutory Certificates & Bunker Remaining on Board)
Bunker Remaining Onboard
Condition Survey & Valuation
(Hull condition, Cargo hold, Cargo Oil Tank, Statutory Certificates & Machinery)
Pre-Purchase Survey
Pre-Charter Survey
Lashing & Tie Down Survey

Tug Boats - Towage - Barges - Pontoons     

On / Off Hire Condition
Lashing & Tie Down of Cargo
Towage Inspection & Certification

Cargo Surveys

Cargo Quantity & Condition
Cargo Damage Analysis/Sampling
Special Cargo & Container Survey
Damage Survey
Loading / Discharging of General
Cargoes / Bulk Oil / Chemicals
Stuffing & Unstuffing of Containers
Draft Survey