Potable Water Testing

It is said that water is the source of life. Unfortunately, not all fresh, raw or treated water are fit for human consumption. Water stored in storage tanks on land or in ships can be contaminated through the introduction of foreign substances within the tank such as rust or from the water reacting with tank coatings. Contaminated water if drunk can cause illness and could even be fatal.

Water therefore must be tested to verify if it meets minimum World Health Organization guidelines for the purpose of human consumption.

Maritec offers potable water analysis consisting of a series of tests conducted in the laboratory. Our testing service screens samples of water drawn from various sources such as ship or shore tanks to verify that they meet the minimum standards for consumption.

Water samples sent to Maritec Laboratories are tested for the following items:
Test Items
Colour (Hazen Unit)
Turbidity (NTU)
pH Value
Conductivity (umhos/cm)
Nitrate (as NO3)
Fluoride (as F)
Total Dissolved Soild
Total Alkalinity (as CaC03)
Total Hardness (as CaC03)
Chloride (as Cl)
Sulphate (as SO4)
Phosphate (as PO4)
Silica (as SiO2)
Iron (as Fe)
Manganese (as Mn)
Copper (as Cu)
Aluminium (as Al)
Bacteriological Characteristics
Total Coliform Bacteria

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