Other Services

Sampling Service
Maritec has qualified surveyors to draw representative samples from either ship or shore tanks for analysis at our laboratory

Witnessing of Tests & Breaking of Seal
This service allows clients to send our qualified chemists or experts as their representative to witness test methods and procedures being conducted on a sample in another laboratory. This is usually involves disputed samples and to verify that all test procedures have been complied with in obtaining a result and there was no adulteration made to the results. The witnessing can be applied both to the actual test or tests being conducted or only to witness the breaking of the seal of the sample.

Testing of Dispute Samples
As an Independent laboratory, Maritec conducts tests impartially for disputing parties to resolve their dispute. A representative sample agreed by both parties is sent to Maritec and an agreed specified test is conducted. The disputing parties usually agree that the results become binding on them in revolving their dispute.

Technical Expertise in Consultancy Work & Dispute Resolution
Maritec employs highly qualified and skilled professionals in conducting tests and analyzing test data. Our chemists and engineers are on hand to offer invaluable advice on fuel characteristics and perform investigative and research work according to client specifications or requirements.

Being a leading fuel testing centre with a vast knowledgebase and technical expertise, Maritec also assists ship operators, charterers, P&I associations and fuel suppliers in fuel oil quality disputes. We have considerable experience in resolving such matters and can provide expert testimony at arbitration if necessary.