Fuel Blending Service Consultancy

Fuel blending is used by traders and suppliers to make the most profitable use of the various stock he may have on hand. Ship operators also blend fuels of different specifications to meet operational requirements. Blending is also commonly used to correct some deficiency in the fuel product.

Blending of fuels takes place either in shore tanks or onboard a vessel. Maritec is able to provide a blending advisory service onboard a vessel or for shore tank blending to ensure the end blended product meets the intended specifications of the blended product o ensure its suitability for use or sale.

Maritec's experts advise on the required blend proportions with blended samples analyzed at our laboratory. The results are then compared with required specifications and adjustments to blend proportions are made if necessary to achieve the desired specification. Individual samples can also be hand blended and tested at our laboratory to obtain desired results.

Fuel Blend Optimization Service for Ships

On various ships, fuel blenders have been fitted to some auxiliary engine fuel systems which allow the operator to blend residual and distillate fuels. As the quality of the residual and distillate blend components vary on each delivery, the optimum blend ratio needs to be frequently calculated and adjusted.

Maritec offers a Blend Optimization Service involving analysis of both the residual and distillate fuels; after which the auxiliary engine fuel specification limits are referenced in order to calculate the minimum amount of distillate consumption for the ship.

Apart from optimizing fuel performance, this service helps ship operators ensure that the correct fuel quality limits for their vesselís engines are being maintained.