Lube Oil Testing

Maritec offers the complete range of tests for lubricating oils to give vital information on the condition of the oil helping to improve safety, eliminate unnecessary oil changes and avoiding costly repairs due to machinery failures.

Maritec tests the oil for both physical and chemical characteristics. Information on wear metals and additives are obtained including:
  • Kinematic Viscosity
  • Dispersancy of solids and insolubles
  • Flash Point
  • Fuel Dilution
  • Particulate Cleanliness
  • Water Content
  • Analytical Ferrography
  • TAN / SAN / TBN
A typical lube oil analysis conducted by Maritec would consist of the following tests:
Test Item Test Method Used
Viscosity @ 100 deg C ASTM D445
Water by Distillation ASTM D95
Flash Point ASTM D3828
Total Base Number ASTM D2896
Pentane Insolubles ASTM D893
Aluminium, Al By ICP-AES
Silver, Ag By ICP-AES
Chromium, Cr By ICP-AES
Copper, Cu By ICP-AES
Iron, Fe By ICP-AES
Lead, Pb By ICP-AES
Iron, Fe By ICP-AES
Magnesium, Mg By ICP-AES
Silicon, Na By ICP-AES
Sodium, Na By ICP-AES
Tin, Sn By ICP-AES
Zinc, Zn By ICP-AES

Samples can be sent to us for analysis from any worldwide location using our global courier service. We also provide analysis services for greases and hydraulic fluids.

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