What is Fuel Oil Testing?

Fuel oil analysis is a series of tests used to determine the quality of the marine fuel. The tests conducted determines the characteristics of the fuel and is compared to the ISO 8217:1996 specification for marine fuels. Results show whether the quality of a supplied fuel meets the international standard of quality for the particular fuel concerned. Under a customized set of tests such as the Maritec Program, test data can be analyzed and recommendations for onboard treatment and fuel optimization can be made. Additional tests are also conducted to determine contaminants or other substances have been added to the fuel.

Why do we need Fuel Oil Testing?

The main reason would be to provide invaluable information to prevent engine damage or breakdowns caused by inferior quality fuel. Besides the possibility of poor maintenance, one of the major reasons for engine breakdown is poor quality fuel.

The fuel received by the ship may be of poor quality or even contaminated fuel supplied through genuine mistakes or by rogue suppliers.

Bad quality fuel is caused by:
Dirt and Sediments
Impurities in the fuel
Bacterial Infestation
Presence of water
Presence of unknown additives
Presence of residual fuels
Unknown blending of various grades of fuels
Presence of contaminants