How to Dispatch a Sample to the Laboratory

Step 1
After drawing a representative fuel sample, insert the spill prevention cap and screw on the cover securely on the bottle. Seal the sample bottle with the plastic seals provided.

Step 2
Place the sample bottle inside the supplied Maritec IATA compliant carton box. Enclose the Chief Engineer's Report form and a copy of the Bunker Delivery Receipt (BDR) before closing the last flap on the carton box.

Step 3
Place the completed carton box with sample inside into the supplied DHL courier bag. Seal the courier bag with sample inside.

Step 4

Maritec Fuel Sample Bottle & IATA Carton Box

Complete the supplied DHL Airway Bill bearing the Maritec Global Account Number and laboratory address and affix it onto the courier forwarding bag.

Step 5
Complete the supplied Maritec Proforma Invoice Form and tape it to the outside of the courier forwarding bag for customs formalities and clearance.

Step 6
Handover the completed courier bag to the Ship's Agent instructing him to call the local DHL courier to collect or alternatively, call the local DHL courier directly to collect the sample using the DHL Worldwide Directory found in the Maritec Fuel Testing Manual.

Important Note: Bunker fuel samples should be sent to the laboratory for testing as soon as possible after completion of the bunkering and sampling. Agreements have been made with DHL Worldwide to ensure priority handling. It is essential that the service center of the courier is contacted for immediate collection of samples. The sooner the sample reaches our laboratory, the sooner you will receive the test results.