How the Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program Works

After signing on with us, we supply your ships with our Fuel Testing Program Sample Supply Kit consisting of:

  1. Maritec's Fuel Quality Testing Program Technical Manual
  3. Maritec Sample Bottles with Maritec Seals
  5. IATA Approved Maritec Carton Boxes
  7. DHL Courier Bags with airwaybills & proforma invoices
  9. Documents & Forms such as our Bunker Data Forms, Chief Engineer Report Forms, Sample Witnessing Forms, etc.

At every bunkering at any port in the world, your vessel's Chief Engineer takes a representative sample according to our guidelines described in our manual.

The vessel's Chief Engineer sends the sample back to our lab in Singapore directly from the vessel's location to our labs using the supplied DHL courier bags & airway bills.

We pay for the freight charges to send the sample from the vessel anywhere in the world back to our lab.

Upon collecting the sample from the chief engineer or ship's agent, DHL Courier Service takes 1 day to deliver the sample to our lab from major cities around the world such as London, Rotterdam, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Fujairah. For a complete list of delivery times from cities around the world to our lab, please click Sample Transit Times Chart.

Upon arrival of the sample in our lab, you will be notified and tests are carried out immediately. When the test  results are completed, they are analyzed and operational advisories are issued. It will take approximately 24 hours to complete all the tests.

The completed fuel quality report is then immediately emailed to your office and to your ship and also made available for your secure access on our website.