List of Items Tested For Each Sample

Under the Maritec Fuel Test Program, every fuel sample is tested in our laboratory. Every analysis report contains 30 parameters consisting of tests determining the physical properties of the fuel, the spectroscopic analysis of metals and contaminants and calculations covering ignition quality, energy of the fuel, storage temperatures, transfer temperatures, engine injection temperatures and inlet temperatures. Maritec also provides a grading of the fuel analyzed.

Test Item Test Method Used
Density @ 15 deg C ISO 3675
API Grade
Viscosity @ 50 deg C ISO 3104
Viscosity @ 100 deg C ISO 3104
Flash Point ISO 2719
Water by Distillation ISO 3733
Sulphur ISO 8754
Pour Point ISO 3016
Ash Content ISO 6245
Micro Carbon Residue ISO 10370
Total Sediment, Potential ISO 10307
Aluminium + Silicon ISO 10478
Vanadium ISO 10478
Aluminium ISO 10478
Silicon ISO 10478
Sodium ISO 10478
Calcium ISO 10478
Iron ISO 10478
Lead ISO 10478
Magnesium ISO 10478
Nickel ISO 10478
Zinc ISO 10478
Compatibility Spot ASTM D4740
Net Specific Energy Calculation
CCAI (Ignition Quality) Calculation

*Test results are compared with the ISO 8217 standard for marine fuels.