What you get with the Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program

Customized Testing & Analysis of your Fuel Sample
A sample of marine fuel under the Maritec fuel testing program undergoes a comprehensive analysis of tests. Besides performing the standard tests to check if the sample meets the ISO 8217 fuel standard, Maritec conducts additional tests providing vessel operators with much needed data on the fuel characteristics. These include information required by the ship's engineers for setting optimum handling and burning conditions, coping with fuel-related problems and identifying adulteration of fuel with waste lube oils.

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Accurate and Reliable Testing & Analysis
Maritec operates the latest technology state of the art testing equipment and is an Accredited Laboratory. Our testing standards are certified by ISO9001/SAC-SINGLAS (Singapore Accreditation Council, Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) and we also participate in the ASTM Inter-laboratory crosscheck program where our testing standards are constantly compared with other laboratories around the world.

Value-added Operational & Technical Advisory Services
Every lab test report under the Maritec Fuel Testing Program is analyzed by our technical advisors who assist ship owners and operators with the task of interpreting the test data. We provide technical & operational advice based on the individual sample test results to maximize the best use of the fuel and provide recommendations for onboard treatment of the fuel, engine settings, storage and transfer temperatures. All samples in the program are also graded for for our customer's added convenience in assessing the fuel.

Access to a Network of Worldwide Courier Services to Dispatch a Sample
All samples under the Maritec Fuel Testing Program are sent back to our laboratory in Singapore via DHL Worldwide Courier Service. Maritec has special agreements with the courier service for priority express shipping from any location around the world. Using Maritec's global account and specially fabricated IATA approved Maritec bottles, the sample is swiftly delivered by air back to our lab from any port in the world.

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Access to Worldwide Bunker Alerts
Maritec analyzes hundreds of fuel samples each week from around the world. With this vast and current knowledgebase of fuel quality from various ports around the world, our program customers receive timely bunker alerts whenever we find a trend of poor quality fuel being delivered from one or more suppliers in a particular port in the world. This service helps our program customers to be more vigilant when bunkering from this port and pre-empts possible damage to shipboard machinery.

Online Access to Analysis Reports
All test results are posted on our website on secure customized customer pages. Test results including operational and technical advice are available immediately upon completion of a sample analysis. With a username and password, you can have easy access to test reports and comparison analysis for each of your ships. Useful statistical analysis and information for each ship is also available to our program customers.

Immediate Transmission of Test Results
All test results are emailed or faxed directly to your office and ship immediately upon completion of tests followed by the hardcopy report.

Access to Industry News & Technical Articles
For registered customers, Maritec provides access to the latest news and latest happenings related to the marine and fuel industry. Through logging in on our website, registered users can view news and technical articles relating to engine and fuel matters which are written by our technical staff and compiled from various sources on the web.
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