What's in a Bunker Survey?

A bunker quantity survey carried out by MARITEC includes:
Ensuring compliance with Singapore Standard CP:60 & CP:77, and reporting on any non-compliance.
Complete and thorough inspection on all bunker tanker's tanks inclusive of all non-cargo spaces and line system.
Repeated soundings taken to prevent illegal transfer of oil between tanks during measurement.
Measurement of sounding pipe's reference height to prevent false readings.
Proper calculation of bunker quantities based on prevailing ASTM - IP Petroleum Measurement Tables.

Measurement of oil temperature for volumetric correction.
Correction of vessel's trim for volumetric correction.
Checking presence of water before bunker delivery.
Inspection of the validity of the calibration tables used. If necessary, in case of dispute, re-calculation can be done based on calibration tables of bunker tankers submitted to the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore.
Continuous surveillance during and throughout the pumping operation.
Collection of representative samples which are properly labelled, sealed and distributed with acknowledgement by all parties.
Ensuring proper reports, documentation of all measurement, calculation method, sampling method and distribution are submitted in good order.