Do I need a Bunker Survey?

Marine bunkers have also become a substantial component of a ship's operating cost and during physical custody transfer, bunkers need to be audited in view of the high monetary value of the bunker fuel.

Key reasons to engage a surveyor include:
Ship's crew and/or bunker tanker's crew may not be alert to quantity measurement and quality sampling methods and procedures, especially so with today's reduced ship manning, short port stay and tight schedules.
Receiving ship's crew may not be familiar with the Singapore Bunkering Procedure now known as the Singapore Standard CP:60 & CP:77. These code of practices issued by the government sets out the minimum standard of bunker delivery to minimize bunker disputes.  Bunker receiving ships and bunker tankers are required to follow this procedure. Otherwise, chances of a claim recovery can be difficult in cases of dispute.

There may be non-compliance of the Singapore Standard CP:60 by bunker tanker's crew.
Proper documentation of bunker operations, measurement and sampling methods are needed in the event of making a dispute and claim.
Improper collection and distribution of bunker samples will jeopardize subsequent claim in the event of a dispute.
There may be intentional mistakes in measurement and sample collection or simply - FRAUD.
There is no third party present to deter or prove bunker fraud.